Anthropologizing Drool Catchers

My sister is a die hard fan of Anthropologie. So much so that now whenever she goes there, I ask her what havoc she wreaked on her credit card, and whether she will have to go "anthropologize" to her husband. As a tribute to her love for all things Anthropologie, I decided to create some bibs for her daughter (currently en wombe) with embellishments that she could appreciate. I kept it simple, of course, because bibs are meant to catch bodily fluids after all.

:: As a side note, bibs really do need to be aesthetically pleasing, even for boys. My son drools his body weight every day, so he is constantly bibbed. As much as I can't wait for a bibless day, it helps a lot to at least have something tasteful sopping from his neck.


paperbuzzy said...

Oh. my. goodness. These are so adorable!!!

Yolanda said...

I really like the little corsage on the first one. Nice touch! If I were more fashionable I would be better about putting my little girl in something like this. Your little niece to come is so lucky!

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