Fall Foliage Bookmarks

During my five year stint on the east coast, I was so utterly taken by the fall. It was really the only reason I could tolerate the frigid winters and suffocating summers. I'd spend many October and November days walking through my neighborhood, or better yet, the Shenandoahs collecting the most perfect red, orange, and yellow leaves I could find. I would press and dry them and store them away in an airtight box, waiting until I had a good enough reason to use them. Well, years went by and my collection of dried leaves started to get out of control so I finally decided to make laminated bookmarks out of them for friends and family, particularly the ones in California who were yearly deprived of the spectacle of fall (or seasons for that matter). I think this is what I will do with all the leaves that my son loves to pick off the ground for me. 

::All you need is some cardstock, dried leaves, and glue. After you laminate them (I took my bookmarks to Kinko's for that), you can opt to punch a hole at the top and string a ribbon through for added effect. The nice thing about laminating the bookmarks is that it preserves the leaves (intact) forever.

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