Felt Alphabet Letters

My sister, bless her heart, suffered a thousand pinpricks creating this felt alphabet letter collection for my son in the hopes that it will make learning his ABCs more fun. As an added bonus, these aesthetically pleasing, visually arresting, and functional wool felt letters are portable, and large enough not to pose as choking hazards (a real plus for me since my son still suffers from the burning desire to shove anything and everything into his mouth).

This project is pretty self explanatory, and I think the pictures speak for themselves. If you're a novice at sewing with a needle and thread though, just make sure you have a thimble because otherwise you will curse the fact that the English alphabet has a whopping 26 letters.

Also, if you aren't comfortable with hand-drawing the letters, you can just type them out in a word document, blow them up as large as you want them to be, cut them out, and trace around the letters onto your felt.

This project is definitely a labor of...

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Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

Wow - these are adorable, too!

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