Gorgeous Cupcake Liners

My niece, a high school senior, loves baking for people. In between saving the world, getting voted Homecoming Queen, and getting straight As, she somehow has time to bake goodies for her friends and family, oftentimes for no particular reason at all. That's why for her birthday, I decided to get her a few things that would make her labors of love even more special, starting with these gorgeous cupcake liners pictured above. No doubt when she goes off to college next year, she will continue baking for all her dorm mates and friends, so I wanted to send her packing with some special "tools." I'm still putting the rest of the kit together, but I wanted to share these cupcake liners because I think they are so pretty.


paperbuzzy said...

These will definitely make the cupcakes hard to eat!

Timnish said...

These are so cute. You would want to keep them even after they are done with cup cakes. very lovely. i have started following you now. was wondering why couldn't i found this earlier.


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