On My Ambitious To-do List



My little family and I are currently living in a tiny apartment and space is at a premium, especially with our rambunctious toddler and his lot of toys. Since we don't have a dedicated play area for him, his toys have usually taken over the entirety of our living room and dining area by 8am each morning. I don't mind the look when it's just us, but when we have company over, I prefer not to have our place look like a rainbow vomited all over it. Hence, the need for some inventive storage solutions. I found the plans for the table above on this great DIY website, ana-white.com, and I love it because it functions not only as an attractive coffee table (which we currently don't have), but also as a train table/storage space for legos, blocks, and all my son's plastic animals and cars. It'll be a small miracle if I can actually find the time and wherewithal to build it, but if and when I do, you will certainly see it here first!

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